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I'm Anubhavauthor

Self-Help Author and Life-Coach

Hello, I'm Anubhavauthor - And I'm A Self Help Author and Life Coach.

Why am I doing this?

The highest possibility of being a human. At the level of understanding, there is an end. Wherever human understanding can go, I will go there. Now, when I am speaking with understanding, you are also involved because I am also a human and you are too. So, as my understanding progresses, you will also grow with me. Let's together strive to explore the highest potential possibility of being human to its end."


The Good Life Prediction

How Important Is Skill?
From What Point Of View Do You See Your Life And What Action Do You Take?
The Toolkit Of Your Mind
The Awareness Of Your Life
The End Goal Of Your Life
Your Thinking
  • What You Think, You Become
  • What You Do, Is Your Result
  • Think For Yourself, Because Life Is Your So All Responsibility Is Your
  • E-mail Email yourself, and remind yourself. Life is just an event. Here my big,small problem does not determine my whole life.
  • Understand Human Genius, Being A Super Human Is Not A Big Deal. The Day You Will Understand That Being Human Is Super In Itself
  • Illusion, The Day You Will Understand That Everything Is Immersed In An Illusion. Then You Will Be Truly Self Aware
  • Be True Yourself, Honesty Always Wins In The End
  • Don't Delay, Start Today With Me


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Happy Consumers.

The day you have this faith in me, that day I will have this promise. That there will be no worm named sadness in your life.

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