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Who is Anubhavauthor.
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Who is Anubhavauthor.

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Hello, I'm Anubhav Shrivastava You Know Also (Anubhavauthor) ! - And I'm A Self Help Author and Life Coach.

I am also like you. However, the way I live is entirely different. It means completely immersing oneself in love. I have lived my entire life in the flow state of love since childhood. When I say love, it's not just temporary feelings, as most people often associate love with physical relationships. Love transcends that. When you truly understand who you are, you'll realize there's no need to increase the world's population; instead, there's a need to self-sustain and understand oneself. If you pause for a moment and truly feel what is happening around you, it's a slight delay between you and the energy present there, which many refer to as God. However, I prefer not to give it any name. It has no name, no form. It simply is. It is both you and me, with no difference between us. We are all manifestations of the same energy.

Now, a bit about myself. I was born in 2007, and my full name is Anubhav Shrivastava. I have an older brother named Aditya Shrivastava, who is 17 years older than me.

I've had a curious mind since childhood, and I've always loved cricket. To be honest, I've read a lot of philosophy and business-related stories since my early years.

However, my actual growth began when my understanding deepened. I spent a lot of time with myself, asking questions. It was through these questions that my intelligence truly sharpened. If you ask me about a happy or successful life or whatever you want to call it, I would define the path to achieving all of it in one word: intelligence. This is the power we humans possess—the power of asking questions. The beginning of intelligence.

I don't boast about achievements or claim to introduce a new philosophy to the world. The whole game is detached from money. People are born, earn money, and die chasing money. It's a futile life. Money is necessary to survive in this world up to a certain level, but only to that level. Because in this world, there's nothing to gain or lose. Most people have misconceptions about fame, thinking that they want to do something that makes them remembered after they're gone. But that's not the case. As I see it in my Hindu beliefs, even the stories about Lord Shree Ram were conveyed by humans. If they hadn't, we wouldn't know about Lord Shree Ram today. So, there's neither gaining nor losing anything in this world. It's about fully experiencing what we have now, our ongoing life. Humans are here only for a short time, so we should live our lives not just above pain but also beyond joy. It's about living fully with what is.

So, I'm just that energy, which has been given a name by this world. Hence, what I truly am is the same as you. If your name were mentioned, it would also be what you truly are.

Thank you.

If you have a problem that you've been struggling with or something you can't seem to understand, feel free to email me at anubhavauthor.in@gmail.com. In my next blog, I'll try to view and understand that problem from my perspective, suggesting what I might do if I were in your shoes, providing you with an additional viewpoint.

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